Holy Bible is the simplest, the best looking, and the most customizable iOS Bible app you will ever use.
Holy Bible 11.3.2 is currently available in the App Store.

Holy Bible 11.4 is in development. It will soon be submitted to Apple to go through their approval process.

Version 11.4 (in progress)
• Added: iPhone X compatibility
• Added: Gesture based, intuitive main menu
• Added: ESV Bible
• Added: Topical search (Study Tools)
• Added: Audio Bible (NET)
• Added: Toggle switch for paragraph spacing
• Added: Swipe gestures to open/close fullscreen
• Changed: Moved gestures to own preferences view
• Changed: Smoother autoscrolling
• Changed: Minor UI updates
• Bugfix: Color themes not saving
• Bugfix: Minor bugfixes
As a fulltime missionary with little free time, I do what I can to keep the app as one of the best. I will always keep the primary content of this app free.

Study Tools in-app purchase proceeds pay for the yearly developer fees and server hosting for content.

All donations via PayPal go to improving Holy Bible and not directly to my missions work. However, the less I have to invest from in-app purchases to Holy Bible helps extend my missionary expenses.