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Version 13.6 (Nov. 29, 2023)
• Bugfix: Status bar text color issues
• Bugfix: KJV & NET audio bibles skipping
• Bugfix: Stuck overlay during multiple markup
• Bugfix: Indentation stuck on
• Bugfix: Missing shortcut icons
• Bugfix: Minor UI bugfixes
• Bugfix: Minor bugfixes

Version 13.5 (Oct. 16, 2022)
• Added: Letter spacing preference setting
• Changed: Simplified font selection
• Bugfix: Blank passage on iOS 16
• Bugfix: Crashing on iOS 16
• Bugfix: Minor UI updates

Version 13.4 (Jan. 30, 2022)
• Bugfix: Crashing deleting old iCloud sync files
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