PARALLEL BIBLES               VERSE JUMP               MARKUP               BOOKMARKING               NOTES
In Holy Bible, you can view up to 4 parallel Bibles (or notes) at a time. If you want to change Bibles, simple tap and hold anywhere on the top navigation bar, or select the Bible icon at the top left of the main menu.

If you need to download or organize Bibles, use the "Bibles Manager" in the Help section of the Preferences. For a full list of available Bibles, please click here.
To help you jump to a specific verse without making the passage selector require 3 levels of taps (one book/chapter/verse), Holy Bible includes a verse jump bar. Just slide your finger along the right side of the screen and you will see a box pop up alerting you to which verse you will jump when you lift up your finger.

By default it is on the right side of the screen. However, in the preferences you can move it to the left side, or turn it off.
Holy Bible allows you to highlight whole verses in 6 different customizable colors. Even the names of the highlights can be changed to best fit your needs. And if highlighting isn't enough, you can also do underlining. With the combination of highlights and/or underlining, that gives you 12 different possible ways to markup your verses.

Want to markup more than 1 verse at a time? Simple! Just tap and hold on "Copy", any highlight, or "Underline" for 2 seconds. That's it! Now every verse you tap will markup until you tap the "Done" button.
Want to remember a specific chapter you were studying? Simply bookmark it by tapping the bookmark in the top right. To unbookmark it, tap it again.

You can also create folders to organize them all. To move or delete a bookmark, just swipe right to left on the bookmark and the options will appear.
When personally studying the Bible, it is very helpful to keep your own notes. Holy Bible just would not be a great app if it left out this feature. Not only can you go into a dedicated notes section, but you can also have your notes open side-by-side as a parallel Bible.
No digital Bible would ever be complete without a powerful search capability. Holy Bible gives you the option to search for exact content or even just phrases containing your search parameters. Also, you can refine the search location limiting to specific areas of the Bible.

*Speed of the search will vary between devices. Older devices have slower processors and can take longer to show verse results.
Reading God's Word once a month is not enough. Holy Bible aims to help you grow by getting into the Bible daily.

Included in the app is a calendar to keep you organized. When you have completed the day's reading, simply checkmark it. At the end of the year, clear the list.

So that each year you do not have to follow the same schedule, there are 4 different plans from which to choose. Each will help you read through the whole Bible in a year.
STUDY TOOLS (in-app purchase)
Commentaries, dictionaries, concordances, maps, and more are available as an in-app purchase ($0.99 USD) to help you dive deeper into your study of the Scripture.

The proceeds from this in-app purchase go to three investments: (1) developer costs and fees, (2) server costs for hosting content, and (3) my church planting ministry in Argentina.
Thanks to iOS' built-in sharing features, Holy Bible has the ability to help you encourage others with God's Word. Share verses and notes via Facebook, Twitter, text message, e-mail, or even Airdrop.
Holy Bible gives you the ability to use iCloud to sync all your devices. If you write a note on your iPhone, it will automatically appear on your iPad. If you highlight a verse on your iPad, it will also be pushed to your iPhone. All notes, bookmarks, underlines, and daily readings will be synced across your devices.

If just syncing them is not enough, Holy Bible also allows the user to backup to iCloud just in case you want to uninstall yet keep your data intact.

*If you do not have access to iCloud, you can also e-mail yourself a backup and restore from the attachment stored in that e-mail.
There is no other iOS Bible app out there with this many preferences. In fact, Holy Bible practically invents the word "Configurability". You can change almost every setting in Holy Bible to fit your likes.

There is a whole lot more than just the ability to change the text and layout. Make sure you tap the menu button while inside the Preferences and see how many more options there are to configure.
This feature list only really begins to scratch the surface of what all Holy Bible can do. There's so much more to help you in your study of God's Word below the surface. If you have more questions, use the contact page.