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Version 13.8 (Jul. 18, 2024)
• Bugfix: Crashing when opening settings on some devices

Version 13.7 (Jun. 8, 2024)
• Bugfix: Daily Reading leap year offset
• Bugfix: Minor UI bugfixes
• Bugfix: Minor bugfixes

Version 13.6 (Nov. 29, 2023)
• Bugfix: Status bar text color issues
• Bugfix: KJV & NET audio bibles skipping
• Bugfix: Stuck overlay during multiple markup
• Bugfix: Indentation stuck on
• Bugfix: Missing shortcut icons
• Bugfix: Minor UI bugfixes
• Bugfix: Minor bugfixes
As a fulltime pastor with little free time, I do what I can to keep the app as one of the best. I will always keep the primary content of this app free.

Study Tools in-app purchase proceeds pay for the yearly developer fees and server hosting for content.

All donations via PayPal go to improving Holy Bible and not directly to my ministry. However, the less I have to invest from in-app purchases to Holy Bible helps extend my ministry expenses.