FAQ #1
Would you please add the _______ Bible translation?
Copyrighted Bibles such as the NIV, NASB, NKJV, etc. will not be added anytime soon. I have contacted them all (and continue to try every year), but cannot acquire permission to use them due to the up-front royalty fees being quite expensive. Unless you want to send me a large check, this is not an option. This app is just a hobby which supports my fulltime missionary ministry.

If the requested Bible is NOT copyrighted, then...I might add it depending on how much interest is shown by others and my free time. Currently, I'm not adding any due to server resources. I cannot afford more expensive dedicated hosting packages.

As for the New World Translation (NWT), I will not be adding it ever. The NWT was translated from the Biblia Hebraica OT and the Westcott-Hort GNT. Both are good manuscript collections. However, the translators purposefully changed/added many words from those manuscripts in order to support false doctrine and teaching invented 70 years before.
FAQ #2
Is it possible to highlight only words and not whole verses?
Since every translation is different, such highlighting techniques would only work per each translation unless one were able to acquire fully tagged resources. Sadly, access to such simply does not exist with the majority of public domain translations. Such code changes would be a drastic coding measure.
FAQ #3
Is it possible to bookmark verses and not whole chapters?
Restricting to chapter saves space scrolling through long tables of bookmarks. As well, it would require quite a bit of code change to handle better organization of viewing/managing bookmarks. Please use the combination of bookmarking the chapter and highlighting or underlining the verse.
FAQ #4
Why do you not include the Apocrypha?
While I do believe some apocryphal books are a great resource for historical value, I believe in an inspired 66 book canon for several reasons. (1) None of the apocryphal books are referenced by the NT authors. (2) No councils in the first 4 centuries nor early church leaders accepted them as inspired by God. The only early exception to this was Augustine. However, his list of apocryphal books varies from that of all other currently recognized religions. (3) The official acceptance of the apocrypha from the Roman Catholic Church did not come until about 1450 years after the canon was completely written. And while some protestants recognized it before that, they specifically separated from both the OT and NT classifying it as general information.
FAQ #5
Are you going to make an Android/Mac OS/Windows app?
I'm sorry, but there is no other OS support coming. I am a full-time pastor. Holy Bible is only updated as I acquire free time. Development on other devices require a bit of money to purchase those devices on which to test. Since Android has so many different compliant devices, I would have to fork out a lot of money. Also the added amount of support would require more server resources to handle the extra load. Right now, I am already stretched on bandwidth and hosting costs.
FAQ #6
Why is it asking to charge me again for the in purchases I already bought?
First off, make sure you are using the same Apple ID you used when you first purchased the Study Tools. Many have written me stating they were charged twice and then later realized it was a separate Apple ID account.

When you go to restore an in app purchase, you first need to enter your Apple ID and password. After that, an alert window will come up asking you to confirm the purchase. Don't be alarmed if you've already purchased it before. Just tap "Buy" and another alert will popup stating "You've already purchased this. Would you like to get it again for free?"