Version 13.6 (Nov. 29, 2023)
• Bugfix: Status bar text color issues
• Bugfix: KJV & NET audio bibles skipping
• Bugfix: Stuck overlay during multiple markup
• Bugfix: Indentation stuck on
• Bugfix: Missing shortcut icons
• Bugfix: Minor UI bugfixes
• Bugfix: Minor bugfixes

Version 13.5 (Oct. 16, 2022)
• Added: Letter spacing preference setting
• Changed: Simplified font selection
• Bugfix: Blank passage on iOS 16
• Bugfix: Crashing on iOS 16
• Bugfix: Minor UI updates

Version 13.4 (Jan. 30, 2022)
• Bugfix: Crashing deleting old iCloud sync files

Version 13.3 (Jan. 25, 2022)
• Bugfix: Slow app response with too many iCloud sync files
• Bugfix: Minor UI updates

Version 13.2.1 (Feb. 23, 2021)
• Bugfix: Minor UI bugfixes
• Bugfix: Minor bugfixes

Version 13.2 (Feb. 12, 2021)
• Added: Many performance improvements
• Added: Search results limit warning
• Changed: Removed deprecated Apple APIs
• Bugfix: Progress indicator not showing for downloads
• Bugfix: Bookmark stuck on in fullscreen
• Bugfix: Minor UI bugfixes

Version 13.1 (Mar. 11, 2020)
• Changed: Removed deprecated Apple APIs
• Bugfix: Daily Reading leap year offset
• Bugfix: Minor UI bugfixes

Version 13.0.9 (Nov. 6th, 2019)
• Bugfix: Recompiled with new Xcode release for critical bug

Version 13.0.8 (Nov. 2nd, 2019)
• Bugfix: Search list results formatting on iOS 13 devices

Version 13.0.7 (Oct. 31st, 2019)
• Bugfix: Crashing on iOS 11 & 12 devices
• Bugfix: Minor UI bugfixes

Version 13.0.6 (Oct. 30th, 2019)
• Bugfix: Keyboard covering notes on iOS 13 devices
• Bugfix: Minor UI bugfixes

Version 13.0.5 (Apr. 15th, 2019)
• Bugfix: Psalms chapters numbers truncated in passage selector
• Bugfix: Map list button (Study Tools)
• Bugfix: Crashing when using passage search

Version 13.0.4 (Mar. 20th, 2019)
• Bugfix: Stuck tutorial instructions in rare case
• Bugfix: Parallel notes covering other views

Version 13.0.3 (Mar. 9th, 2019)
• Bugfix: Swiping down on open menu opened it further
• Bugfix: Minor UI bugfixes

Version 13.0.2 (Feb. 20th, 2019)
• Bugfix: Crashing when viewing all markup

Version 13.0.1 (Feb. 18th, 2019)
• Added: Study Tools Manager button to Study Tools menu
• Bugfix: Unresponsive passage selector and chapter buttons

Version 13 (Feb. 17th, 2019)
• Added: Many performance improvements
• Added: Support for iPhone XS Max and XR
• Added: Haptic feedback for verse jump
• Added: San Fransisco font option
• Changed: Redesigned all menus for simplicity
• Changed: Settings are more consolidated
• Changed: Only installed Study Tools appear in menu
• Changed: Markup view now groups consecutive passages
• Changed: Removed "exact" search option, use double quotes
• Bugfix: Resize upon device rotation with parallel Bibles
• Bugfix: Minor UI bugfixes
• Bugfix: Minor bugfixes

Version 12.2 (June 21st, 2018)
• Added: Many performance improvements
• Added: Extra large passage option
• Added: Black status bar option
• Added: Translation and headings custom font options
• Changed: Simplified various instructions
• Changed: Aligned chapter selector buttons
• Bugfix: WLC not using Times New Roman font
• Bugfix: Search refinement including wrong books in NT
• Bugfix: Minor UI bugfixes

Version 12.1.1 (Mar. 10th, 2018)
• Bugfix: Passage selector crashing in certain languages

Version 12.1 (Mar. 9th, 2018)
• Added: CSB Bible
• Changed: Simplified main menu
• Changed: Passage selector re-design
• Changed: Bible selector re-design
• Changed: Moved gestures to own preferences view
• Changed: Next/previous chapter swipe less sensitive
• Bugfix: Notes cut off when viewing all notes
• Bugfix: Sliding finger off verse jump bar leaving popup
• Bugfix: Simplified various error messages
• Bugfix: Minor UI bugfixes
• Bugfix: Minor bugfixes

Version 12.0.2 (Dec. 10th, 2017)
• Bugfix: Cross references displaying reference only
• Bugfix: Whitespace for omitted verses in ESV
• Bugfix: Minor UI bugfixes

Version 12.0.1 (Dec. 6th, 2017)
• Bugfix: Passage selector chapters/books off screen on iPad
• Bugfix: Copy/share not getting text in KJV and ESV
• Bugfix: Text color in search with dark background

Version 12 (Dec. 4th, 2017)
• Added: iPhone X compatibility
• Added: Gesture based, intuitive main menu
• Added: ESV Bible
• Added: Topical search (Study Tools)
• Added: Audio Bible (NET)
• Added: Universal colors throughout app
• Added: Toggle switch for paragraph spacing
• Added: Traditional Chinese book names
• Changed: Moved gestures to own preferences view
• Changed: Fullscreen gesture to 2 finger double tap
• Changed: Smoother autoscrolling
• Changed: Minor UI updates
• Bugfix: Color themes not saving
• Bugfix: Minor bugfixes

Version 11.3.2 (Nov. 2nd, 2017)
• Changed: Minor UI updates
• Bugfix: Temporarily removed ESV due to Crossway API change
• Bugfix: 2 finger swipe gesture on iPad
• Bugfix: Minor UI bugfixes

Version 11.3.1 (Oct. 13th, 2017)
• Bugfix: Minor UI bugfixes

Version 11.3 (Oct. 10th, 2017)
• Changed: Re-added Interlinear and Concordance to verse menu

Version 11.2.1 (Oct. 9th, 2017)
• Changed: Minor UI updates
• Bugfix: Back button in Strong's Concordance
• Bugfix: Minor bugfixes

Version 11.2 (Sept. 29th, 2017)
• Added: Toggle switch for extra top margin
• Added: 2 finger swipe gesture for History
• Changed: Moved Interlinear and Cross References to Study Tools menu
• Changed: Moved History button to the Passage Selector
• Changed: Moved Passage Selector layout button to Options
• Changed: Improved spacing on bottom menu bar
• Changed: Minor UI updates
• Bugfix: Keyboard closing automatically for notes in parallel
• Bugfix: Missing button to save notes in parallel
• Bugfix: Missing button to stop audio
• Bugfix: Missing button to stop multiverse markup
• Bugfix: Split view showing off screen on iPad

Version 11.1 (Sept. 24th, 2017)
• Bugfix: Pinch/zoom gesture setting line spacing to zero
• Bugfix: Minor bugfixes
• Changed: Simplified "Appearance" controls

Version 11.0.1 (Sept. 24th, 2017)
• Bugfix: iPad modal windows not showing navigation bar
• Bugfix: Audio stopping randomly
• Bugfix: Font size and line spacing glitch on app update

Version 11.0 (Sept. 19th, 2017)
• Added: iOS 11 compatibility
• Added: Complete re-write of iCloud sync code
• Added: 3D Touch options (Go To Passage, Daily Reading, Search)
• Added: Fullscreen gesture
• Added: Option for headings in all caps
• Changed: Lots of under-the-hood updates
• Changed: Major UI updates
• Bugfix: Incorrect font display for WLC
• Bugfix: Minor bugfixes

Version 10.1.3 (Dec. 21st, 2016)
• Bugfix: Bookmark buttons missing on iPad
• Bugfix: Loading passage from History is offset by 1 book

Version 10.1.2 (Dec. 17th, 2016)
• Added: Data backup prior to every update
• Bugfix: Color selector not showing true black

Version 10.1.1 (Dec 16th, 2016)
• Bugfix: Crashing for Study Tools purchase
• Bugfix: Reversed Commentaries an Devotionals options

Version 10.1 (Dec. 14th, 2016)
• Added: Option to change title font and size
• Added: Option to indent paragraphs
• Added: Option to hide verse numbers
• Added: Option to hide status bar
• Added: Option to hide menu button
• Added: New color picker
• Added: Reset preferences via URL shortcut
• Changed: Dropped iOS 6 support
• Changed: Migrated all user data to SQLite database
• Changed: Audio button moved to verse menu
• Changed: Minor UI updates
• Bugfix: Keyboard suggestions covering notes
• Bugfix: Minor bugfixes

Version 10.0.2 (May 29th, 2016)
• Bugfix: Crash when using ESV without internet connection
• Bugfix: Crash when using share in notes on iPad
• Bugfix: Incorrect color shown in color selector

Version 10.0.1 (May 23rd, 2016)
• Bugfix: Crash when using share in verse menu on iPad
• Bugfix: Crash when selecting Notes in Bible selector

Version 10.0 (May 19th, 2016)
• Added: Updated icon
• Added: Audio Bibles (ESV & KJV)
• Added: Notes indicator
• Added: Multiverse mode to Copy option
• Added: URL support for opening directly to passage
• Changed: Improved ESV online API
• Changed: Sharing via iOS built-in share sheet
• Changed: Refined iCloud support
• Changed: OT/NT only Bible chosen by order in Bibles Manager
• Changed: Many performance enhancements
• Changed: Minor UI updates
• Bugfix: Book offset in refined search
• Bugfix: Random freezing with parallel Bibles
• Bugfix: Crash when deleting all Bibles
• Bugfix: Minor bugfixes

Version 9.2.1
• Changed: Minor UI updates
• Bugfix: Daily Reading offset for leap year

Version 9.2
• Added: iPad Split View support
• Changed: Minor UI updates
• Bugfix: Change translation in compare translations view
• Bugfix: Overlapping buttons in verse menu on 3.5" devices
• Bugfix: Incorrect bottom margins in table views
• Bugfix: Minor bugfixes

Version 9.1.1
• Added: iPad Pro screen support

Version 9.1
• Added: Main menu button and text
• Changed: Simplified bookmarks interface
• Changed: Verse number never at end of line
• Changed: Minor UI updates
• Bugfix: Passage search crash with character limit
• Bugfix: Verse jump popup sticking with slide over
• Bugfix: Invisible options in navigation bar in share options
• Bugfix: Multi-highlight/underline mode "Done" button covered
• Bugfix: Chapter selector chosing wrong book
• Bugfix: Map list button (Study Tools)
• Bugfix: Minor bugfixes

Version 9.0.2
• Bugfix: Jumping straight to verse in various study tools
• Changed: Minor UI updates
• Changed: Improved feedback for iPhone 6s & 6s Plus

Version 9.0.1
• Bugfix: Chapter selector in OT/NT columns
• Changed: Video tutorial instead of images

Version 9.0
• Added: iOS 9 compatibility
• Added: New simplified user interface
• Added: Tap chapter number to just straight to chapter selector
• Added: Paragraphs
• Bugfix: Refine search removing "Close" button (iPad only)
• Bugfix: Verse tap menu buttons on iPhone 3.5" devices
• Bugfix: Holy Bible URL scheme
• Bugfix: Minor bugfixes
• Changed: Autoscroll now 2 finger tap
• Changed: Tap and hold passage selector for Bible selector
• Changed: Updated KJV Bible

Version 8.8.1
• Bugfix: Passage selector crashing in Matthew in OT/NT columns

Version 8.8
• Added: New combined passage selector
• Added: Automatic iCloud backup before update
• Added: Today button to Daily Reading
• Added: Swipe gesture to passage title for previous/next chapter
• Changed: Minor UI updates
• Bugfix: Keyboard covering notes on iPad

Version 8.7
• Added: Neighbor's Wells of Living Water (Study Tools)
• Added: A.W. Tozer's Morning & Evening (Study Tools)
• Added: Spurgeon's Morning & Evening (Study Tools)
• Added: Search range parameters
• Added: Daily Reading and Preferences to 1 tap buttons
• Added: Common colors options to color picker
• Changed: Simplified sharing options in verse tap menu
• Changed: Simplified Preferences view
• Changed: Simplified Notes view
• Changed: Simplified feedback
• Changed: Better spacing in chapter selector
• Bugfix: Bottom of parallel notes cut off by keyboard
• Bugfix: Crash when using quotations in ESV seach
• Bugfix: Verse jump bar missing last 3-5 verses
• Bugfix: Status bar color stuck on white
• Bugfix: GUI rendering issues in Preferences
• Bugfix: Minor bugfixes

Version 8.6.2
• Bugfix: Loading Strong's data from within Interlinear
• Bugfix: Importing old e-mail backup files
• Bugfix: Searching ESV with space in search text

Version 8.6.1
• Bugfix: Notes deleted when viewed as parallel Bible

Version 8.6
• Added: 64-bit architecture
• Changed: 3x faster loading of Bibles and Interlinear
• Changed: 4x less memory loading Bibles and Interlinear
• Changed: Better handling of online ESV Bible
• Changed: ESV search to native web interface

Version 8.5.4
• Changed: 2 finger tap now toggles between toolbar/book appearance
• Changed: Many performance enhancements
• Bugfix: Disappearing navigation bar titles
• Bugfix: Note text not showing in parallel
• Bugfix: Keyboard covering notes window on iPad
• Bugfix: Long press in Bible selector on iPad
• Bugfix: Crash when tapping on View All iCloud Backups
• Bugfix: A few missing passages to Traditional reading plan

Version 8.5.3
• Bugfix: Cross References back button not working on iPad

Version 8.5.2
• Bugfix: Pushed views making passage title appear invisible on iPhone

Version 8.5.1
• Changed: Unified modal windows on iPad
• Changed: Better explanations of restoring in app purchases
• Bugfix: Cross References crashing after tapping on passage
• Bugfix: ESV crashing when using the passage search
• Bugfix: ESV not showing title when only Bible selected
• Bugfix: Minor bugfixes

Version 8.5
• Added: Multiple verse highlighting/underlining
• Added: Newly reformatted Cross References (TSK)
• Added: John Trapp Commentary (Study Tools)
• Added: The Pulpit Commentary (Study Tools)
• Added: Thomas Coke Commentary (Study Tools)
• Added: Search now shows number of results per book
• Changed: Better feedback while downloading content
• Bugfix: Search bar disappearing after changing views
• Bugfix: Incorrect display dimensions in Book appearance
• Bugfix: Verse overflow in lists on iOS 6
• Bugfix: KJV missing italicized words
• Bugfix: Missing passages from Chronological reading plan
• Bugfix: HTML tags in ESV search

Version 8.4
• Added: iPhone 6/6 Plus compatibility
• Added: Frequently Asked Questions link to Help section
• Added: Copy option to search results
• Changed: Improved search speed and highlighting
• Changed: Improved iCloud sync and backup
• Changed: Improved Bible database error messages
• Bugfix: Reset accounts for Study Tools & NET Notes
• Bugfix: Chapter pull/push alert on iOS 8
• Bugfix: About Holy Bible link to correct webpage

Version 8.3
• Added: iOS 8 compatibility
• Added: Copy option to Strong's occurrences
• Bugfix: Incorrect verse copy in cross references
• Bugfix: Overlapping navigation bar in Bible selector on iPad
• Bugfix: Hide keyboard button on iPad also hid notes
• Bugfix: Margin being added in book appearance
• Bugfix: Search result not jumping to verse
• Bugfix: Minor bugfixes

Version 8.2
• Added: Meyer's "Through the Bible" (Study Tools)
• Added: Fonts! Access to all iOS supported fonts
• Added: Swipe down gesture from Passage Selector for Bible Selector
• Added: Extra verse spacing option
• Changed: Bible selector shows all 4 options in one
• Changed: UI improvements to enhance both light and dark themes
• Bugfix: Interlinear opening to tapped verse
• Bugfix: Incorrect default Greek font when using WLC in NT
• Bugfix: Notes in parallel being reported as Bible database
• Bugfix: Minor bugfixes

Version 8.1.1
• Bugfix: Crashing on clean install since 8.0.1
• Bugfix: Crashing for various windows on iPad with iOS 6
• Bugfix: Incorrect cross reference formatting on iPad
• Bugfix: Incorrect display of chapters of omitted verses
• Bugfix: Line break ignored when turned off

Version 8.1
• Added: Ability to turn off individual gestures
• Added: Updated support for online configurator
• Added: Tap and hold in Bibles selector to force quick Bible change
• Changed: Highlight text changes to "Remove Highlight" when selected
• Bugfix: Notes in parallel being reported as Bible database
• Bugfix: Color themes saving incorrectly
• Bugfix: Incorrect default font choice when WLC is selected

Version 8.0.1
• Bugfix: "History" spelling in menu
• Bugfix: Display issue with linebreak off and multiple Bibles showing
• Bugfix: Passage search not working with book or chapter typed in
• Bugfix: Color buttons not showing up in Bibles selector
• Bugfix: Pinch gesture could make font too small to zoom back
• Bugfix: Crashing when selecting custom color theme

Version 8.0
• Added: Now up to 4 Bibles side-by-side
• Added: Redesigned Bible selector
• Added: Unified toolbar and status bar
• Added: Unified menu system
• Added: AirDrop sharing of notes
• Added: Quick bookmark
• Added: Copy verse in cross references
• Added: New color picker
• Added: Pinch/zoom gesture to change font size
• Added: Search results quick display
• Added: Strong's Concordance Search
• Added: Barnes' Notes on the Whole Bible (Study Tools)
• Added: The Expositors Bible Commentary (Study Tools)
• Added: John Calvin's Commentary (Study Tools)
• Added: John Gill's Exposition(Study Tools)
• Added: MacLaren's Exposition (Study Tools)
• Added: Scofield's Reference Notes (Study Tools)
• Changed: Better chapter swiping accuracy
• Bugfix: Underline is now included in backups

Version 7.4
• Added: Load a passage/configuration via URL link
• Changed: Close verse tap menu by tapping anywhere outside box
• Changed: Bible selector loads translation upon tapping
• Changed: Better network activity indicators
• Changed: Larger button area for moving bookmarks
• Changed: Decelerating scrolling no longer changes chapter
• Bugfix: About Holy Bible button goes to correct URL
• Bugfix: Back button in subviews of "List" verse tap menu

Version 7.3
• Added: Many new themes
• Changed: Greatly reduced app's download size
• Changed: Updated a lot of old code and removed unused
• Bugfix: Search not working from Bible Names Study Tool
• Bugfix: Minor UI font, alignment, and image issues

Version 7.2.1
• Bugfix: Interlinear crashing on some 64bit devices
• Bugfix: Bookmarks can be organized again
• Bugfix: Missing Underline button in List verse tap menu
• Bugfix: Back button not working in some Study Tools
• Bugfix: Table cell text getting cut off
• Bugfix: Minor bugfixes

Version 7.2
• Added: iOS 7 compatibility
• Added: Automatic switching between original language Testaments
• Added: Button to clear daily reading checkmarks
• Changed: Moved all menu buttons to left side for uniform interface
• Changed: Simplified Search layout
• Changed: Better pull/push swipe distances
• Bugfix: Minor bugfixes

Version 7.1
• Added: Chinese Simplified Bible
• Bugfix: Bible databases unable to be deleted after device restore
• Changed: Updated more error messages

Version 7.0.2
• Bugfix: Color themes can be saved
• Bugfix: Minor UI glitches
• Changed: Updated error messages

Version 7.0.1
• Added: Brought back loading screen
• Bugfix: Crash when sharing from "List" verse tap menu
• Bugfix: Rare instance keeping keyboard in passage search

Version 7.0
• Added: All new UI design
• Added: Hide keyboard option in Notes
• Changed: Minor performance enhancements
• Bugfix: Interlinear can now be deleted
• Bugfix: Minor bugfixes

Version 6.3.1
• Changed: Modified "Night" theme
• Bugfix: Interlinear crashing when tapping Strong's number
• Bugfix: Search bar no longer split by 2 tones
• Bugfix: Other minor bugfixes

Version 6.3
• Added: Word occurrence listing in Strongs/Interlinear
• Added: Add to/replace option when copying via verse tap menu
• Added: Interlinear access via verse tap menu
• Changed: Updated Social Network sharing tool
• Changed: Removed splash screens for faster app download
• Changed: Hebrew/Greek Interlinear now very fast
• Changed: Moved Interlinear layout toggle to Interlinear view
• Changed: Better verse separation in Interlinear linear layout
• Changed: Verse jump bar visible when touched
• Changed: Margins no longer static in fullscreen
• Changed: Increased pull/push for previous/next chapter
• Bugfix: Nave's Topical Bible links now work on iPad
• Bugfix: Study Tools Manager downloading already installed tools
• Bugfix: Text link color changed from blue to default in Study Tools
• Bugfix: Other minor bugfixes

Version 6.2
• Added: New sharing services (E-mail & SMS)
• Added: Appearance chooser on upgrade
• Added: Button transparency slider
• Added: Option to turn off swiping for next/previous chapter
• Changed: Unified windows with new default color theme
• Changed: New verse jump status overlay
• Changed: Passage Selector popup now only shows for new install, not upgrade
• Changed: Toolbar text changes to black when light toolbar color selected (iOS 5+)
• Changed: Increased spacing between chapter arrows
• Bugfix: Interlinear now retains verse number better
• Bugfix: Incorrect verse jump bar dimensions when toggling Book Mode on/off
• Bugfix: Duplicate "Close" button in Strong's Concordance (iPad)
• Bugfix: No results when searching ESV for multiple words
• Bugfix: Blank content when copying/sharing verse from ESV

Version 6.1.1
• Added: Parsing key for Interlinear
• Added: Verse numbers for Interlinear when in linear layout
• Changed: Verse tap menu title shows in Times New Roman when using original language Bible
• Changed: Title bar text goes black if light toolbar color is selected (book mode off)
• Bugfix: Crashing on specific ESV search terms
• Bugfix: ESV blank cached data when offline
• Bugfix: Interlinear now jumps to current verse in linear layout
• Bugfix: Crashing cross references when passage doesn't exist in OT/NT only Bibles

Version 6.1
• Added: Interlinear layout options (Block or Linear)
• Changed: Removed Psalms chapter headings (repetitive)
• Changed: Minor UI enhancements
• Bugfix: Individual bookmarks can now be deleted in the Bookmarks view
• Bugfix: Overlapping verses in "Compare Translations" on iPad

Version 6.0.2
• Bugfix: Crash when upgrading from Holy Bible 5.x

Version 6.0.1
• Bugfix: Crash when tapping blue arrow for Study Tools Manager via Preferences

Version 6.0
• Added: Simple bookmarking
• Added: Redesigned simple verse tap menu
• Added: Redesigned Study Tools Manager
• Added: Hebrew/Greek Interlinear (Study Tools)
• Added: Geneva Study Bible (Study Tools)
• Added: Jamieson, Fausset, Brown (Study Tools)
• Added: Treasury of David (Study Tools)
• Added: Redesigned NET Notes Manager
• Added: Redesigned Bible download progress indicator
• Added: Current book button in columns passage selector
• Added: ESV online Bible search
• Changed: New chapter headings
• Changed: Improved ESV cache reliability
• Changed: Improved crash log reporting
• Changed: Minor UI enhancements
• Changed: Minor performance enhancements
• Bugfix: Nave's Topical Bible can now be closed
• Bugfix: Hebrew encoding now shows correctly in NET Bible
• Bugfix: Empty or duplicate crash logs
• Bugfix: Other minor bugfixes

Version 5.9.5
• Added: Ability to hide certain buttons
• Added: Crash logging and reporting
• Added: Temporary ESV caching for better online Bible experience
• Changed: More accurate search results within quotations
• Changed: Revised Passage Selector popup on install/update
• Changed: Minor performance enhancements

Version 5.9.4
• Bugfix: Fixed crashing on iOS 4.x devices (really!)

Version 5.9.3
• Added: Option to turn on/off passage scrollbar
• Changed: Minor UI improvements and simplifications
• Bugfix: Pull/push length on iPad in landscape
• Bugfix: Other minor bugfixes

Version 5.9.2
• Bugfix: Fixed crashing on iOS 4.x devices

Version 5.9.1
• Changed: Minor UI improvements and simplifications
• Changed: Removed orientation lock (iOS 6 incompatible)
• Bugfix: Disappearing "Close" button in Study Tools

Version 5.9
• Added: NET Bible notes (in-app purchase)
• Added: New chapter button options for iPad
• Changed: Autoscroll can now scroll even slower or faster
• Changed: Renamed translation POR to JFAA
• Changed: Decreased minimum margin for iPad
• Changed: Various UI improvements and simplifications
• Bugfix: Cross reference crashing with ESV
• Bugfix: Other minor bugfixes

Version 5.8
• Added: iPhone 5 support
• Changed: Dropped support for devices older than iOS 4.3
• Changed: Larger title in book mode on iPad
• Changed: Better margin preview in preferences
• Changed: No longer requires restore of Study Tools

Version 5.7.3
• Bugfix: Bible selector crashing on iOS 3.x

Version 5.7.2
• Bugfix: Bottom bar tools crashing on iOS 3.x

Version 5.7.1
• Changed: Decreased minimum margin for iPad
• Bugfix: Study Tools installed without in-app purchase
• Bugfix: Crashing on iOS 3.x devices
• Bugfix: Split translation on iPhone 5 no longer compacted
• Bugfix: Simple verse tap menu cut off in landscape orientation
• Bugfix: Bible Names Dictionary crashing on search

Version 5.7
• Added: iPhone 5 compatibility
• Added: Ability to e-mail a backup before app load
• Changed: New startup screen
• Changed: Larger titlebar in fullscreen
• Changed: ESV access no longer limited per day
• Changed: Updated NET Bible
• Changed: Reduced install file size
• Bugfix: ESV with notes as secondary Bible no longer crashes
• Bugfix: Margin fixed for iPad chapter buttons
• Bugfix: Verse jump bar can now be turned off (really!)

Version 5.6
• Added: Online ESV (English Standard Version)
• Added: Greek font choice of Times New Roman or Helvetica
• Changed: All new columns passage selector
• Changed: Better previous/next chapter buttons on iPad
• Changed: Pull for previous chapter goes to end of chapter
• Changed: Better pull/push for previous/next chapter
• Changed: Larger text in cross references view
• Bugfix: Verse jump bar can now be turned off
• Bugfix: Other minor bugfixes

Version 5.5.1
• Added: Better error messages for OT/NT only Bibles
• Changed: Move bookmarks by tapping blue arrow instead of "Edit" button
• Bugfix: Corrected items in "List" verse tap menu
• Bugfix: Blank cell when all schemes are deleted
• Bugfix: Other minor bugfixes

Version 5.5
• Added: Wesley's Explanatory Notes (Study Tools)
• Added: Adam Clarke Commentary (Study Tools)
• Added: Strong's Concordance (Study Tools)
• Added: Pull/push for previous/next chapter
• Added: iCloud sync notification bar
• Added: Passage selector and title to fullscreen
• Added: Copy verse option to translation comparison view
• Added: Change translation option to translation comparison view
• Added: Chinese book names
• Changed: Updated NET Bible
• Changed: Unified toolbar appearances
• Changed: Minor performance enhancements
• Bugfix: Deleted color schemes now delete from iCloud sync
• Bugfix: Buttons reappearing in fullscreen mode

Version 5.4.1
• Bugfix: Fixed crashing when saving color schemes with iCloud turned on
• Changed: Simplified more preferences

Version 5.4
• Added: Color schemes
• Added: Highlighted search results
• Added: New search algorithm for better results
• Added: Background color change with book mode turned on
• Bugfix: Split notes not saving when keyboard disappears
• Bugfix: Fixed large iCloud backups due to Study Tools
• Changed: Simplified more preferences

Version 5.3.4
• Added: Fullscreen with book mode turned on
• Added: Button color options with book mode turned on
• Bugfix: Database corruption
• Changed: Updated Sharekit (Facebook/Twitter)
• Changed: Greek texts default to Times New Roman

Version 5.3.3
• Added: iPad retina graphics
• Added: 5 new fonts

Version 5.3.2
• Bugfix: Fixed crashing on iOS 3.x devices.
• Bugfix: Fixed daily reading leap year offset.

Version 5.3.1
• Bugfix: Fixed crashing on non-iOS 5 devices.

Version 5.3
• Added: iCloud Sync
• Added: iCloud Backup
• Added: Help section
• Added: Note searching
• Added: Animated verse jump
• Bugfix: Incorrect year in daily reading
• Bugfix: "View all Notes" in iPad fixed
• Bugfix: Other minor bugfixes
• Changed: Minor performance enhancements

Version 5.2.3
• Added: Updated several Bible databases
• Added: Warning when viewing book not in OT/NT only databases
• Bugfix: Incorrect sizing in "Columns" passage selector
• Bugfix: Passage titles no longer repeat with dual Bibles
• Changed: Simplified book background
• Changed: Added steps to solve passage loading errors
• Changed: Several performance enhancements

Version 5.2.2
• Added: Passage Selector popup on install
• Bugfix: Background color in preference preview
• Bugfix: Font name now updates in preference preview
• Bugfix: Study Tools delete button now covered by overlay when not installed
• Changed: Few performance improvements

Version 5.2.1
• Bugfix: Study Tools (in-app purchase) was enabled for everyone

Version 5.2
• Added: Preferences re-design.
• Added: Ability to delete individual Study Tools.
• Bugfix: Font selection in iOS 3.x.
• Bugfix: Chapter animation switch.
• Changed: Tap title for Passage Selector.
• Changed: Feedback now opens in Safari.
• Changed: Many performance improvements.

Version 5.1.2
• Bugfix: Bottom bar buttons disappearing with book mode off and simple verse tap menu on.

Version 5.1.1
• Bugfix: Crash on startup

Version 5.1
• Added: Bible Names & Meanings (Study Tools).
• Added: Warning for no internet when accessing Feedback section.
• Bugfix: Split view notes with bluetooth keyboard now save.
• Bugfix: Sorting order in View All Notes section.
• Changed: Español Moderno (EM) to Reina Valera Actualizada (RVA).
• Changed: Disabled upside-down portrait orientation.
• Changed: Many performance improvements.

Version 5.0.2
• Added: Contextual chapter titles.
• Added: 6 new fonts (15 total).
• Bugfix: Note erasing when using the search passage selector.
• Bugfix: Empty databases on clean install.

Version 5.0.1
• Added: In app purchase restriction warning.
• Bugfix: Random note erasing.
• Bugfix: Daily reading checkmark crash.
• Bugfix: Minor performance improvements.

Version 5.0
• Added: Universal Binary (iPhone, iPod touch & iPad).
• Added: New icon, splash screen, bookmode, and button images.
• Added: Study Tools in-app purchase.
• Added: Database compression for faster downloads.
• Added: Toggle switch for chapter animation.
• Added: Daily reading in backup/restore.
• Added: Improved feedback reporting.
• Changed: Improved search results.
• Changed: Search results grouped by book.
• Changed: Search jump bar.
• Changed: Tapping chapter now loads passage.
• Changed: Preference explanations.
• Changed: Darker daily reading checkmark.
• Changed: Easier layout for many preferences.
• Changed: Simpler "About Holy Bible" page.
• Bugfix: Top bar disappearing in iPad.
• Bugfix: Stuck overlay using simple verse tap menu.
• Bugfix: Bible database timestamps corrected.
• Bugfix: Many performance improvements.

Version 4.2.5
• Changed: Clarified auto-lock preference.
• Bugfix: Navigation bar disappearing when book mode turned on.
• Bugfix: Random crashing due to simple verse tap menu.
• Bugfix: Left side verse jump bar no longer on both sides.
• Bugfix: Feedback not opening due to database timestamp corruption.

Version 4.2.4
• Added: Automatic backup with every update.
• Added: Verse jump bar options (Off, Left, Right).
• Changed: Opening performance improved.
• Changed: Better database checking system.
• Bugfix: Random crashing due to enabled Simple verse tap menu.
• Bugfix: Highlight #4 not working with Simple verse tap menu.
• Bugfix: Split view notes not saving.
• Bugfix: Line break option not working.
• Bugfix: Backup filename corrected for + timezones.

Version 4.2.3
• Bugfix: Bottom bar buttons not showing when book mode turned off.

Version 4.2.2
• Bugfix: Fixed crashing on update.
• Bugfix: Crashing when using jump bar in the view highlights section.

Version 4.2.1
• Bugfix: Crashing on startup for certain devices.
• Bugfix: Top toolbar disappearing.

Version 4.2
• Added: Book mode option.
• Added: Simple verse tap menu option.
• Added: Share with Facebook or Twitter.
• Added: 2 more highlights (6 total).
• Added: All new synchronized scrolling.
• Changed: "Color" tab renamed to "Theme" in preferences.
• Changed: Clarified some error messages
• Bugfix: Fixed traditional reading plan.
• Bugfix: Other minor bugs.

Version 4.1.3
• Changed: Hebrew font size enlarged in Compare Translations view.
• Changed: Moved notifications and Bible database updates to Feedback section.
• Changed: Clarified "Passage does not exist..." message.

Version 4.1.2
• Exact same code. Last upload to Apple caused the included databases to corrupt.

Version 4.1.1
• Changed: Hebrew font size enlarged.
• Bugfix: Title now updating properly.
• Bugfix: Verse tap menu closes full screen.
• Bugfix: Tapping verse in "View all Highlighted" jumps back to verse.

Version 4.1
• Added: iPhone OS 3.x support.
• Added: Retina compatibility with new icon and splash screen.
• Added: Passage selector choices.
• Added: João Ferreira de Almeida Atualizada (Portuguese Bible).
• Added: Westminster Leningrad Codex (Hebrew Bible).
• Added: Backup preview in e-mail.
• Changed: Renamed various preferences.
• Changed: Increased max font size and leading.
• Changed: More reliable notifications and Bible database updates.
• Bugfix: Crashing fixed when doing backup without e-mail configured.
• Bugfix: Other minor bugs.

Version 4.0.3
• Added: Russian book names.
• Bugfix: Crashing fixed in bookmarks.
• Bugfix: Crashing fixed in viewing all notes.

Version 4.0.2
• Changed: Book names changed to columns in passage selector.
• Changed: Daily reading date selector re-design.
• Bugfix: Split screen performance fixed.
• Bugfix: HTML tags removed from copied verses.
• Bugfix: Bookmark bugs fixed (iPad).
• Bugfix: Sorting corrected in all notes view.
• Bugfix: Rename bookmark folder text input now shows on screen.
• Bugfix: Crashing fixed on N.T. Bibles.
• Bugfix: Other minor bugs.

Version 4.0.1
• Added: Three finger tap to toggle autoscroll.
• Bugfix: Unorganized bookmarks are no longer reset upon opening the app.
• Bugfix: Bookmark text input now shows on screen.
• Bugfix: Other minor bugs.

Version 4.0
• Added: New passage/version selector.
• Added: New preferences layout.
• Added: Autocomplete for passage search.
• Added: Backup/restore bookmarks, notes, and highlights.
• Added: Translation comparison to verse tap menu.
• Added: Crash recovery.
• Added: Notes in split view.
• Added: Book, Chapter, Version title as "Chapter Title" in preferences.
• Added: Custom page margin size.
• Added: Custom color for red-letter Bibles.
• Changed: Add bookmark button in bookmark view.
• Changed: Daily reading icon in bottom toolbar.
• Changed: Larger font size for all tables.
• Changed: Bible language now in "Manage Bibles" section.
• Changed: Verse jump visual made larger and moved to center.
• Bugfix: Minor bug fixes.

Version 3.5.1
• Added: Next/previous chapter animation.

Version 3.5
• Added: Check for Bible updates on startup.
• Added: 3 new daily reading plans.
• Added: Note alert in passage display.
• Added: Number of search results found.
• Added: Custom color for toolbars.
• Added: White or color button choice.
• Changed: Refined Notes interface.
• Changed: Tap whole line for all blue arrow buttons.
• Bugfix: Verse tap cancels full screen.
• Bugfix: Removed HTML from search results.

Version 3.4.3
• Bugfix: Search now returns results next to semicolons.
• Bugfix: Feedback form information corrected.

Version 3.4.2
• Added: Copy verse to clipboard in verse tap menu.
• Added: Custom names for highlight colors.
• Added: Latest notification button to preferences.
• Changed: Reference and Bible are displayed in top bar.
• Changed: Modified the verse tap menu.
• Changed: Tap any part of a verse to invoke the verse tap menu.
• Changed: Refined Bible management section.
• Changed: Full verse now displayed in search results.
• Bugfix: App crashed when rotating device in search.

Version 3.4.1
• Changed: New loading screen.
• Changed: Re-write of code to read Bible databases.

Version 3.4
• Added: One finger swiping to change chapter.
• Added: Two finger touch toggles fullscreen.
• Added: Three taps turns off split version.
• Added: Check/Uncheck daily reading list.
• Bugfix: Blank notifications should be ignored.

Version 3.3.2
• Changed: Clarified passage/version selectors.
• Changed: Code performance.
• Bugfix: Passage search problems with books beginning 1/2/3.

Version 3.3.1
• Bugfix: Split version correctly shown in version selector.
• Bugfix: Verse line break toggle switch was backwards.
• Bugfix: Daily reading now lists proper passages when viewing the whole list.

Version 3.3
• Added: iPhone OS 3.0 or higher requirement.
• Added: Clear button for erasing history prematurely.
• Changed: Passage selector updated for better version selecting.
• Changed: Renamed "Paragraph View" to "Verse Line Break."
• Changed: Removed Apple's private APIs (new developer restriction).
• Bugfix: Daily reading of other days should work now.
• Bugfix: Removal of blank notifications.

Version 3.2
• Added: Update notifications.
• Added: Slovak Translation.
• Changed: Refined non-exact search.
• Changed: Lots of code optimization.
• Bugfix: Switching to split version should sync verse.
• Bugfix: Crashing in the passage selector.

Version 3.1.1
• Added: Organize bookmarks into folders.
• Added: Auto-scroll ability.
• Added: View all highlighted verses from verse tap menu.
• Added: Progress indicator for Bible downloads.
• Added: Version name to split version view selection.
• Changed: Improved synchronized scrolling.
• Changed: Recompiled all Bible databases for speed. (Must re-download databases to take affect.)
• Changed: History icon is now blue Bible with arrow.
• Changed: Add/Remove bookmark now in verse number tap menu.
• Changed: Verse is now retained if only changing Bible version.
• Changed: Newest Bibles copied over on first run after update.
• Changed: Lots of code optimization for device performance.
• Bugfix: Changing color preferences no longer crashes.
• Bugfix: Search now works in downloadable Bibles.
• Bugfix: Delete notes now completely removes note.
• Bugfix: Verse jump by sliding finger now saves verse.
• Bugfix: Bookmarks and Notes now sort properly.

Version 3.1
• Added: King James Red Letter Edition (Must re-download at first).
• Added: Byzantine text with accents and breathing marks.
• Added: Multiple highlight colors.
• Added: All colors are customizable.
• Changed: Renamed GNT to WH.
• Changed: Split version moved to Passage Selector.
• Changed: Split version now horizontal in landscape view.
• Changed: Daily Reading moved to Passage Selector.
• Changed: Old parchment loading screen.
• Bugfix: Exact search now returns all passages.

Version 3.0
• Added: Splash screen for loading.
• Added: Add/Remove/Organize Bible translations.
• Added: Downloadable translations. (Internet required)
• Added: Exact search refinement.
• Added: Navigate daily reading.
• Changed: Redesigned icon.
• Changed: App size drastically reduced.
• Bugfix: Various searching bugs.
• Bugfix: E-mailing of notes with multiple lines.
• Bugfix: Scrolling and verse jump in landscape.
• Bugfix: Psalm 119 still crashed on some devices.
• Bugfix: Various performance updates.

Version 2.6
• Added: Split version view.
• Added: View all notes.
• Changed: Redesigned the Preferences UI.
• Bugfix: Crashing resolved for Psalm 119.
• Bugfix: Minor performance updates.

Version 2.5.1
• Added: Returned to old interface with new icons.
• Changed: Moved "About" and "Feedback" into Preferences view.
• Bugfix: Enlarged icons for easier tapping.
• Bugfix: Now trims accidental spaces from search text.

Version 2.5
• Added: Major user interface revision.
• Added: Highlight verse by tapping verse number.
• Added: Passage history.
• Added: About Holy Bible section.
• Added: Feedback section.
• Added: GNT (Wescott-Hort)
• Removed: GNT (Nestle-Aland 26)

Version 2.4.1
• Added: Many new fonts.
• Bugfix: Fixes some devices loading a web search instead of passage.
• Bugfix: Chapter skipping goes back to verse 1.
• Bugfix: NET headings removed from ends of verses.

Version 2.4
• Added: Verse jump by sliding right side.
• Added: Retains verse position.
• Added: Search now jumps to verse.
• Added: E-mail notes.
• Added: Option for default or dark themes.
• Added: Option for disabling the device's auto-lock.
• Added: Daily reading.
• Changed: NET truncation and punctuation fixed.